After much thought and consideration we have regrettably decided to remain closed until August at the earliest.

At the moment, although B&B’s can re-open, there are restrictions in place that we feel would not be conducive to the way we like to run the B&B. We also still have concerns for our own health, and that of our guests, once people start travelling around the country.

The B&B is also our home, and we are not allowed to have more than one family group stay over so it just doesn’t feel right to conceivably have multiple visitors staying every night.

If we did re-open now there would be no contact between us and the guests, and breakfast would have to be Continental in the room, on a tray left at the door. Additional tables would need to be bought to place in the rooms. Deep cleaning would mean leaving the room unoccupied for 72 hours which just isn’t cost effective or possible when we have different guests arriving every day. Additionally, bags would need to be disinfected on arrival, and guests would have to carry them from outside the B&B to their rooms. We are also awaiting confirmation from the 2 local pubs that they will be able to provide our guests with evening meals.

We are sorry about this but will review the situation in a few weeks to see if we feel able to welcome back guests in August.

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